SunSmart | Testimonials
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“We found SunSmart Solar helpful and informative re our solar purchases. They have great knowledge of the industry and their equipment is first class.

Roger Traves, Canowindra



“The installation of four solar generation systems has been professionally and expertly completed with great integrity and efficiency. I am very satisfied and look forward to future dealings. Highly recommended.”

Phillip Wythes, Canowindra NSW



“I recently purchased a solar system from SunSmart Solar. The support provided during the evaluation / selection stage was most informative and made the final decision much easier than originally thought. Installation and follow up especially with paperwork necessary for various authorities was also made a lot easier thanks to SunSmart Solar. The system has now been in operation for three months (Ed: Installed March 2011) with no issues and the system has performed beyond expectations.”

Steven Pensini, Castle Hill NSW



“I am writing to say what a superb job SunSmart Solar have done getting our 2 kW solar power system connected. They handled the paperwork to all the authorities and for us it was just a matter of sit back and relax while everything was taken care of. The connection to the power grid was made almost immediately after the system was installed so we started getting the benefits without delay. What a surprise it was to see such a low electricity account. A truly professional operation from start to finish and would highly recommend SunSmart Solar to anyone considering solar.”

Robert Gilder, Concord NSW



”I am writing to express my gratitude to Peter and the team at SunSmart Solar.  My new pump is running quietly and efficiently, and has proven to be great value for money having reduced my electricity bill by more than half.  A superb job!  The people at SunSmart Solar are a truly professional operation and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering installing or upgrading an energy saving system.  I love my new pool pump to death!!”

Debra Campbell, Beverly Hills NSW  



We purchased our solar powered filtration pump from SunSmart Solar back in June 2012.  We had already installed solar power which due to the 44 cent feed in tariff almost completely eliminated our electricity bill, but not quite.  With the new solar power pump eliminating 14 to 16kWh of power cost a day, we haven’t had to pay a power bill since having it installed.  This is the best investment we’ve made in a long time.

Jim Lette, Eton QLD



I was so pleased with my SunSmart 500 solar power pool pump, after I installed it I had to ring Peter and congratulate them on their fantastic product. 

Everything in the kit I received was just as SunSmart said it would be – and my DIY installation was easy.  What a top notch product, I’m stoked!”

E Gedge, QLD



I had been considering solar electricity for my home for quite some time.  When I spoke to Ben at SunSmart he was able to explain how a solar power pool pump could completely turn my electricity bills around!  For my 60Kltr pool, SunSmart installed the SunSmart 500W DC pump with 6 x panels and the added bonus of a backup 48V transformer. They installed a special valve to the system and I was able to get rid of my solar heating pump as well.  My Autumn electricity bill has dramatically reduced from 88kw/hr per day to only 56kw/hr per day.  I also had SunSmart install a 3kW solar electricity system that gives me 12kw/hr in daily savings. What a great job and I’m glad I did both, as the pool pump has saved more in kw/hr than the solar electricity system! I am looking forward to see what my summer bill will look like. 

Harry M, Sans Souci