SunSmart | Suntube Rigid Solar Collector System
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Suntube Rigid Solar Collector System

SUNTUBE Rigid Solar Collector System

The worlds most advanced solar pool heating panel, hassle free pool heating


  • Durable: 15 Year Warranty
  • Moulded in Toughness no joins, single section
  • No broken grommets
  • No cracked header pipes
  • Long Life UV Stabilised Poly Propylene
  • Advance manufacture ISO 9001
  • Reinforced Maxiflo integrated header pipe
  • Good in high wind areas
  • Maintenance free
  • Modular panels neat and tidy
  • Cockatoo Proof warranty ( no soft rubber and plastics used )

The Benefits of SunTube Solar Pool Heating

INTEGRATED solar pool heating system

The key feature of an integrated system is that the solar water circulation is integrated with the existing pool filtration system.

The solar heating system has its own pump, different type of solar controller uses existing filtration plumbing to and from the pool to the heating panels and back

Water passes through the sun heated warm panel and returns warm water to the pool

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