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SolarEdge Intelligence

SolarEdge: The Intelligent Inverter System

How would you like to ‘get the edge’ from your solar PV array and generate up to 25% more electricity? The SolarEdge system can do that and more.

The SolarEdge solution maximizes power generation of residential and large-scale PV systems while reducing costs and complexities.

The SolarEdge system, including power optimizers, PV inverters and monitoring software allows module manufacturers, integrators and installers to benefit from constraint-free site design, full site space utilization, reduced installation time & maintenance cost, module-level monitoring, improved safety, theft prevention and more.

The SolarEdge three-fold architecture consists of PowerBoxes™ (Optimisers) that perform MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) at module-level, a highly reliable inverter, and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge Optimiser can be embedded into each module by module-manufacturers instead of the ‘standard’ junction box, or retrofitted by PV installers onto the modules. The SolarEdge system features the following technological advancements:

SolarEdge Module-level MPPT

SolarEdge utilises a highly-optimized algorithm to ensure each module is kept in MPP preventing power loss even in panel mismatch or partial shading conditions. With SolarEdge, module-level MPPT is much faster than the tracking done at the inverter allowing it to better follow changes in sun irradiance. This ensures that no power is lost on partially cloudy days when changes in irradiance are frequent and fast.


SolarEdge Highly efficient DC conversion

Each SolarEdge Optimiser employs DC-DC conversion allowing it to either boost or resist the output voltage of the module without changing the output power. The DC conversion is performed with extreme effectiveness with peak efficiency above 98%.


SolarEdge Fixed String Voltage

This is one of SolarEdge’s most advanced breakthroughs! The SolarEdge Optimisers collaborate to maintain the string voltage fixed at the optimal DC to AC inversion point of the inverter regardless of the number of modules in a string, their performance, or environmental conditions. The fixed string voltage gives rise to flexible site design, temperature indifference, optimal inverter efficiency and reduced installation cost. Another major bonus is the ability to replace modules with different ‘type’ modules in the event of panel failure where an exact replacement cannot be found.


SolarEdge Advanced Power-Line-Communication

All SolarEdge Optimisers continuously measure and communicate a range of module-specific status indicators. SolarEdge communication is transmitted from the Optimisers to the inverter over the existing DC power lines (PLC), eliminating the need for additional wiring.


In the SolarEdge inverter, integrated Ethernet or wireless enables easy broadband connection to a remote monitoring server (laptop, PC etc.). This means you can view your SolarEdge system performance from anywhere in the world wherever an internet connection is available.


Furthermore, your SolarEdge inverter can be programmed to send an email should a fault occur. This minimises downtime as the sooner your are alerted to a problem, the sooner you can attend to it and return to maximum output. It also acts as a theft prevention mechanism. As soon as a connection is tampered with, you will be alerted and can immediately have the situation investigated.


SolarEdge iPhone Monitoring Application

The new SolarEdge iPhone monitoring application enables PV installers and system owners to perform remote monitoring on the go and in the field. The SolarEdge iPhone application enables users to view the most updated data and be up to speed with their site’s performance.


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