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Solar Pumps

More and more appliances are being developed to reduce energy consumption, and the backyard pool is no exception. Our FAQ’s below should answer your pool pump queries. If you have any other concerns, be sure to contact us and one of our expert consultants will provide you with answers.

1. How long will my solar panels last?

Photovoltaic solar panels have been stringently tested over the decades. There is a small reduction in power output with age mostly due to dulling of the glass surface. Solar panels are expected to last 30 to 40 years.

2. What's so special about the pump?

The pump itself isn’t that much different to a traditional AC powered pump. The big difference is the motor. The pumps are coupled to low voltage (usually 48 to 72 volts) DC (Direct Current as opposed to AC Alternating Current) motors incorporating brushless technology. These motors are almost twice as efficient as a traditional AC motor and have no brushes to wear out.

3. How long will a solar pump last?

The low voltage brushless pumps have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

4. Is it connected to the grid?

The solar pool pump systems need no grid connection. The DC power from the panels is directed straight to the DC motor via the dedicated controller, which utilises MPPT technology to ensure maximum efficiency.

5. How many solar panels do I need?

There are a number of factors that determine how many panels are required. These include size of pool, underground pipe length, pipe diameter, length and type of cables and so on. Once we feed all that information into the computer, we will know exactly how many panels are required. As a general rule though, if your pool is under 40,000 litres, 2 panels should do the job, up to 4 panels for an 80,000 litre capacity pool. We have pump / panel combinations to cater for any size pool including commercial applications

6. What happens on cloudy days?

On cloudy days, the pump will still run, albeit at a slower rate. The pump / panel combination is worked out allowing for all weather cycles.

7. What if I have water features that need to run at night?

Our standard installation includes mounting the pump parallel to your existing AC pump, space permitting. This way, should you need to run water features at night or for any other reason, it’s just a matter of switching your old AC pump on. If the solar pump is stand alone, then the optional power transformer can take care of it.

8. Will my pool cleaner work?

Yes. The solar pool pumps have been tested with most pool cleaning devices.

9. Do I have to make any changes to my automatic chlorinator?

Most automatic chlorinators have a device to sense that the pump is running. If you don’t have this system then we recommend that you have it upgraded.

10. Can I use a solar powered pump to run my solar heating system?

Yes, even the smallest of our solar pumps have 14 meter lift ability.

11. What affects the installation costs?

As long as there is adequate space in the pool house and there is nothing untoward associated with your system, then our standard installation includes everything except for trenching and any excess of a 30 meter run of cabling. See our ‘Standard Installation’ details on the pool pump page.

12. Is there any maintenance involved?

There is actually less maintenance than a traditional pump. Firstly, the solar photovoltaic’s are virtually maintenance free. The face of the solar panels are treated and clean themselves every time it rains. The pump itself is far more efficient and more reliable than a traditional AC pump, with a life expectancy 2 to 3 times higher than traditional pumps.

13. I'm a very capable handyman. Can I do the installation myself?

Yes. Because the system is low voltage and ‘SAFE’, you don’t have to have any special qualifications. The system is available in DIY kit form which will save you over $1,000.00. However, if you intend to mount the solar panels on the roof, we do recommend employing the services of a person with experience working on a roof with the correct restraints.

14. Do the panels have to go on the roof of the house?

The panels can be mounted on the house roof, or, space permitting, on the roof of the pool house, a pergola, backyard garden shed, or anywhere else where you have adequate space. If roof area of any kind is not available, then we have available a fence line ground mounting system which can be purchased as an option.

16. Is it a reliable investment?

The solar energy system has no moving parts, therefore extremely reliable. The pump motor is brushless, making it the most reliable electric motor available.

15. What warranty can I expect from SunSmart Solar?

  • Solar Panels: 25-year performance warranty
  • DC Pool Pump: 36-month warranty
  • Mounting System: 10-year product warranty (manufacturer)
  • Workmanship: 36-month warranty on workmanship (installer)