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Sanden Hot Water

The Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System

Save up to 78%* of your electric storage hot water energy costs**, year after year!

The Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump is a highly energy-efficient replacement for your traditional electric hot water system. It absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water in a way that saves energy, saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved using just 1kW of power,  unlike conventional  water heaters that draw between 3 to 4kW whilst heating.

Energy Savings with the Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

Save-78%A Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses industry-leading technology found in refrigeration and air conditioning units.  Energy is drawn in from the ambient atmosphere and transferred into heat. The Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses Ozone friendly refrigerant CO2 (R744) which absorbs the heat, then flows into a compressor where it’s converted into a high temperature gas. It then passes through a condenser within the water tank and the water is heated. No backup elements are required. The result is a hot water heat pump that requires radically less electricity to heat water when compared to conventional hot water systems. In fact, the initiative will save up to 78 per cent* on a hot water bill, year after year. And no, it doesn’t involve cold showers!

Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.

Power draw comparisons:

The following is indicative to the amount of power required to heat 300 litres of water from ambient to 65 degrees centigrade.

Conventional electric water heater – 3 to 4kW of power for 8 to 6 hours.  Total approx. 24 kilowatt hours of power consumed
Sanden Heat Pump – Just 1kW of power for 4 hours. Total 4kWh
The best of the rest Heat Pump – 1kW of power for 8 hours. Total 8kWh
The worst of the rest Heat Pump – 1kW of power for 14 hours. Total 14kWh

Environmentally Friendly Hot Water

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As an environmentally advanced product, it is also affordable. The system is ranked alongside solar energy in terms of environmental friendliness and as such it is eligible for rebates and other government incentives. It offers the highest level of Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) of any hot water heat pump system, saving you hundreds at the outset.

Easy Hot Water System Installation

The Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump split system is easy to install, much like a conventional electric system, and features HeatPump&Tankflexible tank location. The heat pump and a separate tank can be located up to 4 metres apart. The 315-litre stainless steel tank is fully insulated for minimal heat loss and has been mains pressure rated. It has an automatic heating cycle, ideal for use with off-peak power and a 15-year Tank Warranty for long term savings. Compared with a conventional electric system, Sanden’s heat pump features up to 50 per cent faster heat recovery. In ambient air of 20 degrees it takes just 4 hours to heat 315 litres of water from 17 degrees to 65 degrees. An in-built freeze protection makes the Sanden hot water heat pump system suitable for all of Australia’s climates throughout the entire year.

Sanden Heat Pump – Whisper Quiet Operation

The Sanden hot water heat pump unit features a whisper quiet operation (38dB – less than a quiet library), making it neighbourhood friendly as well. In a time of escalating energy costs, the most energy efficient and quietest hot water heat pump system, that is also environmentally sound, is a first-rate choice for every household. Read more about the Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System here

*Calculated using ORER methodology    **Compared with a conventional electric storage hot water system

Sanden. The leader in hot water technology.