SunSmart | Lorentz Solar Power Pumps
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Lorentz Solar Power Pumps


Take your pool filtration off the grid and save from 10 to 20kWh of power every day.


Your filtration pump is one of the most costly household electrical appliances to run. Depending on the size of your pool, to run a standard 1.5HP 240 volt AC pump costs anywhere from $1000 to $2000 in electricity every year. This also means you are contributing in the vicinity of 6 tons of greenhouse emissions each year.


Lorentz is a German based company and has been in the pumping business for many years.  They recently introduced solar powered pumps into the marketplace.  Lorentz offer two models of solar power pool pump, the smaller version for domestic pools and a larger version for commercial applications.  The pump & motor assemblies and the controller both carry 2 years warranty.


A few facts:

• Lorentz solar power pool pumps are almost twice as efficient as traditional AC pumps

• Lorentz solar power pool pumps are quieter than traditional AC pool pumps

• Lorentz solar power pool pumps outlast traditional AC motors by 2-3 times

• Lorentz solar power pool pumps can save up to $2000.00 a year

• Lorentz solar power pool pumps can run parallel to your existing AC pump or ‘stand alone’
See links below to view Lorentz system installations in the USA

Lorentz PS600 CS-17-1

Lorentz PS1800CS-37-1

For most residential applications, the PS600 watt pump will do the job.  For very large domestic pools or commercial applications, the PS1800, or multiple PS1800’s will be required.

Outstanding quality, reliable, high life expectancy and 2 year warranty on the pump and controller

NOTE:  Lorentz ‘Low Voltage’ controller must be installed by licensed electricians.