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Hybrid Solar


It’s a fact of life that if you live in a town or city with electricity at your doorstep that you’ll  be forever at the mercy of the power companies as it just doesn’t make economic sense to spend 50 or a hundred grand to go completely off grid.  But we have this wonderful technology called solar power that makes electricity for us during the day so we can cut down on our electricity dependency from the grid, and still have the advantage of drawing power from the grid at times where we can’t make our own power.


Now with hybrid solar systems becoming more affordable it’s possible to meet all your electricity requirements by storing excess power and using it at night.  Furthermore, if you oversize your hybrid solar system and send excess power into the grid you will find that the feed in payments you receive can even eliminate the daily service fees you are being charged by your power provider.


There are many different hybrid solar systems available but up till now none of them properly catered for homes or businesses with three phase power.  Many residents with three phase power were being sold (by charlatan’s) hybrid solar power systems which could only be connected to one phase.  This means at night when you are relying on your hybrid solar batteries to provide power, only one phase would run from battery power… the other 2 phases were still drawing all their power from the grid.  A lot of money outlaid for a hybrid solar system providing only one third of the possible return.


Most commercial properties with three phase power were getting better advice, but even so, to do the job with some success three separate hybrid solar systems had to be installed, one for each phase.  Expensive, and still not the best solution as one phase could use all its battery power up faster than the others so you would still get an imbalance resulting in one or more phases drawing power from the grid even though there was plenty of power available from one of the other batteries.


Enter TrinaBess

Trina solar, the global leader of PV total solutions is one of the most respected and well known solar companies in the world. They have been the quickest to see the problems associated with hybrid compatibility and are the first to come up with solutions.  TrinaBESS (Trina Battery Energy Storage Systems) is the energy storage arm of the company and they have produced dedicated 3 phase hybrid inverters that properly cater for each phase, no matter what the difference in power usage on each phase might be.  And if you already have solar power on your home or business, they have the simplest solutions for adding an energy storage system to your existing system without it costing an arm and a leg.


TrinaBess offer single phase and 3 phase hybrid solar storage solutions with modular battery systems that allow you to cater exactly for your requirements without spending excessively on oversized batteries that you don’t need.  It’s true that it can be difficult to work out exactly how much storage you might require.  The TrinaBess modular battery system allows you to build you energy storage capacity 3kWh at a time.


TrinaBess hybrid solar inverters are fully programmable.  Another benefit where you can take a massive advantage is if you are in an area with time of day tariffs (peak, shoulder and off-peak for example).  If it has been a miserable stormy day with very little sunlight, you can program the system to top up the batteries during off-peak periods.  So even when there is no sun, you can charge the hybrid solar batteries during off-peak at around 14 cents per kwh and use that power during peak times when you would normally be paying in excess of 50 cents per kWh.  How good is that?  Furthermore, if your area suffers from a blackout or brownout, the TrinaBess hybrid solar system will continue to provide power to your home.  You will still have your lights on (and cold beer in the fridge) while the rest of the street is in darkness.


TrinaBess batteries are guaranteed for 10 years with a life expectancy of 20 years, one of the best in the market at the time of writing (October 2017).  All new systems use batteries with a capacity of 3kWh each.  The single phase and 5kw 3 phase systems are initially configured with 3kWh storage, and can be expanded to 6kWh, 9kWh or 12kWh.  The 10kw 3 phase system is initially configured with 6kWh storage, and can be expanded to 9, 12, 15 or 18kWh.  The beauty of modular storage, it allows you to check your usage versus the amount of power you export.  This way you can fine tune and add the correct amount of storage for your situation.  For example, the Tesla Powerwall is a great battery, but you may not need 14kWh of storage so its money spent for no gain.


Here at SunSmart we can accommodate you with many brands of Hybrid solar, but our specialty is the TrinaBess hybrid solar solutions, and would recommend nothing else for 3 phase applications.  For further information or a no obligation free quote please contact us