SunSmart | Hybrid Inverter and Storage Systems
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Hybrid Inverter and Storage Systems

Solar Power with Battery Storage

Hybrid solar combines the best features of a grid solar power system with a battery storage system that can store the power you would normally waste and send back to the grid. The stored power can be utilised at times when there is inadequate sunlight during the day or at night. Some of the more sophisticated systems will even keep power running into the house during a blackout (or brownout).

A Hybrid solar power system remains connected to the grid, and is the most popular solar storage combination.  Compared to an off-grid system, it is extremely economical as it requires far less storage, and being connected to the grid you have backup power when needed.


How does it work?  Basically, just like a traditional grid solar power system the hybrid solar power is firstly sent into the house to power your appliances.  Then, any excess power is stored in the batteries which can be used to power your appliances at night.


TrinaBess – Combining superior technology and flexibility to properly suit your requirements

Whether you intend to install a complete new hybrid solar power system or perhaps you already have a grid connected solar power system and you want to add battery storage, TrinaBess has a solution for you.

Unlike many manufacturers that produce ‘BIG’ batteries, TrinaBess understand that every household is different and will have different requirements.  The ‘BIG’ battery is not for everybody.  TrinaBess through intelligent design have produced their innovative modular storage system.


3 Phase and single phase systems


Modular Batteries are 3.0kWh each and can be expanded up to 12kWh or up to 18kWh on the 10kW systems


The TrinaBess batteries can be incrementally expanded giving you the ability to fine tune your storage capacity without needlessly over expanding and more importantly without needlessly over spending

If you already have a grid connected solar power system, TrinaBess has the simplest of solutions to convert to a hybrid solar storage system.  Introducing the Trina Power Cube.  Power Cube 2.0 is a single phase retrofit interface that connects between the existing inverter and the solar panels.  Battery power for the Power Cube once again is modular, each battery providing 2.4kWh of power, and up to 4 batteries can be utilised providing a total of 9.6kWh of battery power.


Contact us to learn more or for a no obligation free quotation.


Download TrinaBess brochure – single phase  three phase