SunSmart | Home Energy Rating scheme to be introduced
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Home Energy Rating scheme to be introduced

Home Energy Rating scheme to be introduced

Excerpt from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


The Council of Australian Governments committed (subject to the results of regulatory analysis) to phase in the mandatory disclosure of residential building energy, greenhouse and water performance as part of the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency. This proposed measure would require the owners of houses, flats or apartments to provide energy, water and greenhouse performance information about the home at the time it is offered for sale or lease.


The key objective of the proposed measure is to ensure that credible and meaningful environmental performance information is publicly and readily available to housing market participants to assist them in making purchase and/or lease decisions. Access to this environmental performance information will allow buyers and renters to better compare different properties. The proposed measure could also allow and encourage environmental performance to be factored into property promotion and provide an additional stimulus for smarter design, construction and renovation.


The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has been working with all states and territories on the development of a regulatory impact assessment. Subject to the outcomes of the regulatory impact assessment process, the measure will be implemented through legislation.


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